Autumn Sunset at Walden Pond

If the phrase “Walden Pond” sounds familiar: yes, this is the same Walden Pond made famous in the book Walden, or, Life in the Woods by Concord’s own Henry David Thoreau.

I’m fortunate in that I live just a few miles down the road from Walden Pond in Concord, MA, so I bike by there regularly as well as go over there for a stroll every now and then. The area is wildly popular both with tourists (who make a pilgrimage to Walden to pay respect to Thoreau and his work) and with local folks who just want a peaceful place to hang out, go jogging, take a peaceful walk, or just sit and be. It’s particularly popular with local swimmers as only rowboats are allowed on the water (so there’s no chance that, say, obnoxious watercraft such as jet-skis, will ever be used there).

In any case, I decided to go out to Walden yesterday evening to stroll around the pond around sunset to see what I could see, and maybe take a few photos. This is one of those photos.

(Taken with a fabulous Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens rented from the fabulous folks at LensProToGo across town in Concord — highly recommended to try these guys out if you want to use or try out an expensive lens for a limited time, btw. I’ve been to their new digs, and they definitely have their act together.)